'Waves of Change' artwork 2003

When I was in Cyprus last in May 2003, I was stirred by the waves of feeling that were sweeping through the island in response to the limited opening of the border for the first time in thirty years.
At the same time I was moved yet again by the deep yet lyrical prayerfulness of the dancers I was honoured to be working with, by their passions and by their stories - especially their stories of 'going home'.
Over the summer months I have been working with these feelings and memories and images with collage, and have distilled some of them into a series of six 'CD covers' to symbolise all the waves we have danced together and labyrinths we have walked, and the power of 'dancing through deadlines'  towards change and transformation.

Please click on each small image to take you to a full screen version of the CD cover.

waves of change 1 scan waves of change 2 scan waves of change 3 scan
waves of change 4 scan waves of change 5 scan waves of change 6 scan

Copyright Cora Greenhill 2003.
Please respect my copyright and do not reproduce the pictures without my permission.

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