Changing Woman

5Rhythm dancework, creative writing and ritual
journey for women

with Cora Greenhill

Between November 7/8 2009 and March 13/14 2010

and in between

Mid-life is a period of transition in women’s lives on the physical, emotional, spiritual and often social and professional levels. It is widely pathologised in our culture. It can also be seen as a passage to power, and a gateway to new freedoms, creativity and eldership. But these labels may also become oppressive to women, if we feel, as we surely will, that we don’t always live up to them. We are living in a world in crisis, as well as through our personal crises. Profound change can involve feelings of liberation and elation, but also of fear, bereavement, bafflement or despair which may reflect our times and culture as much as our own lives. There are no rules as to how long we need in the underworld, when breakthroughs happen, what forms our creativity may take and whose lives we will touch.

This course will offer space and time for authentic sharing and community support in a circle of women, where we will honour the dark Goddess within, the oracle of change, as well as our brilliance and vitality. Our wholeness as mature wisewomen is necessary to ourselves and our world.
We will dance, write, make masks, altars and ritual theatre, sharing our journeys with depth, creativity and sensitivity.

In between the two weekends, one at the beginning of winter, the other spring, there will be monthly evenings (three) for writing, reading and sharing. There will be recommended reading and space to get feedback on our own writing. Anyone unable to attend these can stay in touch through an email circle. Evenings will be arranged in consultation as far as practical. (venue tba).

Venue for weekends:

the beautiful hall at The Medway Centre, Bakewell.

Times: 10.30 until 5.30 each day.
Total fee: £190.
Pre-booking with 50% deposit essential. Pay in full by Sept 30th for 10% earlybird reduction. No refunds for cancellations after September.

Email enquiries to Cora Greenhill,
Bookings (with cheques made out to Cora Greenhill)
to Ann Staniland, 7, Argyle Rd. Meersbrook, Sheffield S8 9HG
Tel 01142509085.
Acknowledgments, details and directions will be sent out in October.


Cora Greenhill has been teaching the 5Rhythms dancework of Gabrielle Roth for 15 years, running groups in UK, Cyprus and Crete. She practices an earth-based spirituality, has studied and taught about the Goddess for many years, and lives in Derbyshire and Crete. She has a background in teaching, literature and psychotherapy, enjoys making art and is a published poet. She is married with a grown up son.