Feedback and pictures from Changing Woman 2009/10

In Autumn 2009, 19 women started on an amazingly powerful creative journey exploring their experience of mid-life and aging through dance, artwork, writing, stitching sacred garments, maskmaking and ritual theatre. We also had a ceremonial sweat lodge. Some of the women are still meeting to write and dance together.

I am thrilled to be offering a new version of Changing Woman starting at Samhain 2010, and ending at Imbolc 2011.

I know I'm in the afterglow of a truly magical time, full of love and loving…

Thank you very much for the powerful weekend that we ended on. It was very strong and memorable and will have lots of resonances ... I found the sharing of the tracks particularly powerful and touching.
Ros Harmsworth

(The performance) was a very powerful experience for me - not only dancing my own. What was most moving was that everyone's felt as special as my own.
I felt humbled in the best possible way - liberated.
Jane McBeth

I so loved the last weekend - especially (doing) VERY significant things like the ritual theatre which continues to reverberate for me. I'm exquisitely grateful to my group for their free-flow encouragement and creative support…
Ruth Nichol

these weekends have really helped me especially this final weekend- I looked in the mirror and realised that I actually didn't mind the wrinkles which I think underneath it all, I had been scared of admitting to myself that I did!

The weekend was so powerful and nurturing and affirmative for me – thank you to all of you and to Cora especially for initiating and holding such a wonderful group going so deep.
Clare Turner

all very inspiring and yummy

‘I loved how Cora shared with Carol and then back to Cora…I loved the ordinary & at the same time sacred way we went about the task… the way Carol set out exactly what we were going to do & what we might expect and then being delighted that we had time to dance a wave… how any trepidation melted as the sweat began and the delicious heat entered right down to my bones…’
Vicky, Sheffield Centre for Massage Training