Changing Woman 2

5Rhythm dancework, creative writing and ritual
journey for women

with Cora Greenhill

minoan circles

3 weekends: Oct 30/31st,Nov 27/28th 2010 Feb 5/6th 2011

and optional ‘holydays’ in Crete May 21-28, 2011

An opportunity to creatively express and explore our aliveness over time and in community as we anticipate, pass through, or look back on the changes of mid-life.

‘There is no more creative force in the world than the menopausal woman with zest.’ Margaret Mead

Beginning our journey at Samhain or Hallowe’en, the old Celtic New Year, or Day of the Dead, the first weekend allows us to explore the treasure that lies in the ‘dark’ side of our nature as women, the power and autonomy that may have been repressed or marginalised. On Sunday evening there will be a fire circle to consign to the flames what we no longer need in our lives.

In late November, approaching Winter Solstice, we will gather to envision our future paths, dance our dreams for the next phase of our lives. There will be a Sweatlodge ceremony (led by Carol Youngson of the Deer Tribe at Unstone Grange), to confirm our readiness to move on from outgrown roles into the full flowering of our eldership.



At Imbolc in early February, we celebrate the stirring of new life and Bride’s gifts of poetry and smithcraft. We forge ourselves anew as elders, write our wisdoms, create the masks or crowns of our Queen or Crone Goddess, celebrate our wholeness and capacity as healers in our world.

In the weekends there will be:

In my facilitation I aim to balance holding the truth of what is present, with guiding the group process towards the emerging form, the transformation. In holding the 5Rhythms dance space I aim to balance following the integrity of the form with following and guiding the energy of the dancers on the floor.

‘I appreciate the focussed attention and skilful holding that Cora gave us, that facilitated our presence and … holding of each other.’ Vicky, Sheffield Centre for Massage Training
The weekend was so powerful and nurturing and affirmative for me – thank you to all of you and to Cora especially for initiating and holding such a wonderful group going so deep. Clare
‘All very inspiring and yummy!’ Kerri

For more feedback and pictures from last year’s Changing Woman group, click here.

Venue for weekends: the beautiful hall at The Medway Centre, Bakewell. DE45 1GT
Times: Sat and Sun times will vary with activities.
Total fee: £300.
Pre-booking with 20% deposit essential. Pay in full by Sept 21st for earlybird reduction to £270. Some concessions in exchange for assistance, or payment by instalments negotiable. Please ask well in advance.
Bookings to Cora Greenhill (cheques made to Cora Greenhill)

Acknowledgments, details and directions will be sent in early October.

Changing Woman
on the Paths of the Priestess
Crete, May 2011

priestess ring

A unique opportunity for those on the Changing Woman journey to deepen our sense of community, our connection to sacred landscape, temples and caves, and to experience the ecstatic priestesses in our own dancing bodies.

For thousands of years, Crete was a spiritual and artistic centre of the Aegean world.
There is nowhere on earth where culture was more celebratory of the dance of nature and feminine power. Their symbols were all of wholeness: the double axe, the bull’s horns, the snake, and of course the labyrinth. The extraordinary remains of this civilisation, now called Minoan, were only discovered in the 20th century, and are still being revealed today all over the island in sacred relationship to the vibrant and dramatic landscape. Their energies can still affect us today.

I have been travelling to Crete for 25 years, and have taken many groups to dance and creatively explore the Paths of the Priestess there.

This holiday will be profound, ecstatic crone time, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to hang out with our tribe in this land between the worlds!

‘I loved the way that all our excursions were carried out with an atmosphere of spirituality and reverence, often sitting in silent meditation before encountering a sacred site. There was an incredible richness for me in being in the company of someone who is so in tune with the environment, the ancient sites, the history and myths of the place, so that I too began to feel a connection I haven’t often experienced in my travels... I went on a healing journey into a deep, womb-like cave, and emerged feeling that healing is possible after all ... Aah! And I touched ecstacy in the dance more than once! I danced in silver lycra tights beside the beach...I felt love for every individual in the group as we danced to love songs on the last night...most importantly for me I fell in love with myself.’
(Maggie, Bristol)

Week 1, May 21-28th 2011
at the beautiful eco-centre of Metacom in SW Crete.
A residential week of dance with ritual journeys into sacred caves, healing sites, and a labyrinth. A slide illustrated talk to introduce the Minoan culture. Space for writing and artwork, as well as swimming, relaxation and leisurely meals in local tavernas.

Week 2, May 30 - June 4th 2011
based near Heraklion in Central Crete. We pilgrimage to the incomparable temples, shrines and caves of the Minoan Goddess culture, and visit museums, to explore our sense of the sacred feminine in ourselves, in culture and in landscape.

See the Archive for pictures and information about previous Paths of the Priestess groups

Cora Greenhill has been teaching the 5Rhythms dancework of Gabrielle Roth for 15 years, running groups in UK, Cyprus and Crete. She practices an earth-based spirituality, has studied and taught about the Goddess for many years, and lives in Derbyshire and Crete. She has a background in teaching, literature and psychotherapy, enjoys making art and is a published poet. She is married with a grown up son.

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