Women’s Ways

Women's Waves

in Crete, September 18-20 2009

A waves workshop based on Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms™ dancework

with Cora Greenhill

Dance by the ocean to re-connect with our natural rhythms, with the beat of our hearts, with our feet on the ground, with our shadows and light, with each other and our wounded earth. Dance in a land sacred to the dance of the Goddess for thousands of years. Be still in a landscape of mountains and caves where you can feel Her awesome mystery, even as modernity scars Her body..

Dance to free our bodies, heart and spirits, to help empower ourselves as women to make the differences we long for.

Join an international group of women who long to express themselves in dance. Whether we are on holiday, or on a journey, or native to Crete, we will share our inner and outer pilgrimages for these few precious days.
Includes a slide show on the ecstatic Goddess culture of ancient Crete.

If you would like to follow up the workshop with a pilgrimage to some Goddess temples and sacred caves on the island, please let me know when you book. If there are a few people, I will arrange and cost it.

The lovely studio of Akrimios Apartment Hotel is our venue, right on the edge of Souda Bay. The hotel has the triple function of apartment hotel, venue for large Cretan functions such as weddings, and down below a growing spiritual and healing centre run by our multi-talented host, Ingrid. This means you can dance, sleep, and even party to traditional and modern music in the same venue, not to mention swimming in the lovely private pool or hanging out at the poolside bar. There are beaches within walking or a short drive away. Chania Airport is about 25 mins drive away, as is the lovely city of Chania with its Venetian Harbour and museums.


To enquire about the reasonably priced accommodation, tel
Ingrid on 0030 28250 31215 or email ingridma@otenet.gr

Times: Fri 7-9.30 approx.
Sat 10-1,4-7pm and Sun 11-2, 3-5 approx (subject to change)

Cost: E120 or £100
Includes 2 light veggie lunches.

Book in advance.
In Crete, contact Cora on 28250 31404 or book through Ingrid (50% deposit needed)
In UK, send cheque to
Cora Greenhill, 9 The Windses,
Grindleford, Hope Valley,
S32 2HY

Cora Greenhill has been teaching the 5Rhythms dancework of Gabrielle Roth for 15 years, running groups in UK, Cyprus and Crete.

She practices an earth-based spirituality, has studied and taught about the Goddess for many years, and lives in Derbyshire and Crete. She has a background in teaching, literature and psychotherapy, enjoys making art and is a published poet. She is married with a grown up son.


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