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Date Event Contact
December 22 Dancing on a Dark Planet, for Winter Solstice. Derbyshire. Cora  Email
01433 630759
November 23-25 Dancing the Waves: 5Rhythms(tm) w/e in Cyprus Marina Email
October 20-27 Sex and Spirit Conference, Findhorn, Scotland. Findhorn Email
October  12-14 Labyrinth's Way, Spell 2. Cora  Email
01433 630759
September 29 Rhythms and the Labyrinth: day workshop in dance and labyrinth ritual in Chesterfield. Darlene  Email
August 25-27 Labyrinth's Way, Spell 1: First meeting of ongoing women's group in Derbyshire. Cora  Email
01433 630759
March 23/
Dancing Nature's Way: w/e workshop of dancing and writing in response to nature. At Nab Cottage, on Lake Rydal,  in beautiful Cumbria Cora       Email
01433 630759
February 18 Waves: introductory day workshop in Doncaster. Katya
February 3/4 The Fire of Bride: W/e workshop for women at Imbolc the ancient fire festival in honour of the Goddess Bride. Cora       Email
01433 630759
January 12/13 Evening Introduction and Day Workshop: Stirring the Waters, Finding the Flow. Sheffield. Cora       Email
01433 630759


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