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Cora Greenhill

cora greenhill dancingin creteThirteen years ago Crete called to  me as I set off on my first pilgrimage with my small son and a few home made booklets about the Goddess in ‘matriarchal’ Crete. My life was in a radical transition of leaving my teaching career, a relationship, a home and a city. I ‘received’ my new name Cora (the Greek Kore, daughter, and the goddess Persephone) from a passing acquaintance. I visited the great temple-palaces and museums of Minoan Crete for the first time. 

I have returned many times, and the Minoan culture, the myths and images of the Cretan Goddess culture, have inspired me as I have followed a path as a writer, counsellor, massage therapist, and shamanic dance teacher. 

I fell into the 5Rhythms tm dancework shortly after I was discovered by Crete and Goddess. I met my new partner Ian in the same year, and he is still my companion, assistant and fellow dancer on these journeys. I have trained and been accredited by Gabrielle Roth to teach the work. We are both also studying the Process Orientated Psychology of Arnold Mindell which enriches our understanding of our dreaming path. 

I have written a novel set in ancient and modern Crete called The Arms of Artemis (still seeking a publisher) and my poetry has been quite widely published in Britain and America. I have published articles both on the Goddess in Crete and 5 Rhythms dancing. I love to facilitate writing and especially the passionate poetry that can arise spontaneously from the soul of dancers. 

I live in an area of the Peak District called the Hope Valley near Sheffield, England. 

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