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Deep in Time

Deep in Time

Poems by Cora Greenhill

'Cora's poetry cuts to the bone and illuminates the heart.' 

Gabrielle Roth

'These poems have the trick of getting under the skin, entering the blood with 
their spores of wildness. Earthy, sensuous and vibrant, they have a 
subversive energy that states the femaleness of life, placing it at the very 
centre of things. Here, the body that bleeds and cries and grows and loves is 
the pulse of spirit, the dancing dress of power, and like a fresh east wind 
makes us shiver in the recognition of that primal wisdom in women.' 

Rose Flint, poet, author of The Blue Horse of Morning ( Seren )

Cora Greenhill runs Thirteenth Moon workshops in dance, ritual and creative writing mainly around the north of England, and Inscape Holidays in Crete. This is her second collection of poetry.