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Some words from past participants of  
Rhythms of the Labyrinth.  

Thank you for setting up such a fluid structure for the week where, collectively or singularly, we could explore rhythms, communion with nature, music, spirit, friendship, joy, artistry, mythology, and breakfast... 
(Chris, Manchester) 

Thanks a million once again for providing the right space for such treasurable times! 
(Dee, Manchester) 

The balance between dance and other activities was as near perfect as could be possible with only 24 hours in a day! ... For me it was an unexpected extra to be looked after so much in those ‘extra dance’ activities - I lapped up the chance of not having to organise either others or myself ... you had arranged for us to see some wonderful places... 
I thought the staff were wonderful - there was an easy atmosphere and meals were always enjoyable... 

The dance and related exercises were wonderful...I allowed them to enter into me...the experiences are still with me, having effect on my life and outlook. 
(Gwyneth, Manchester) 

It’s beyond words! 
With deep gratitude for all you gave in and through Crete. The magic has stayed with me! 
(Chris, Liverpool) 

‘ "Dance it as it is" I heard, and this has become embedded in my body and my soul... 
I loved the way that all our excursions were carried out with an atmosphere of spirituality and reverence, often sitting in silent meditation before encountering a sacred site. There was an incredible richness for me in being in the company of someone who is so in tune with the environment, the ancient sites, the history and myths of the place, so that I too began to feel a connection I haven’t often experienced in my travels... 
I went on a healing journey into a deep womb-like cave, where I re-visited a personal trauma, and emerged feeling that healing is possible after all ... 
Aah! And I touched ecstacy in the dance more than once! I danced in silver lycra tights beside the beach...I felt love for every individual in the group as we danced to love songs on the last night...most importantly for me I fell in love with myself.’ 
(Maggie, Bristol) 

‘I wait again, merging time-rounded mountains with jagged emotions 
as though that is all there is. 
My body dances, mirroring landscapes whose age 
cradles my weightless past in irresistible blue waves 
where my mind cannot travel in words.’ 

(Sally, Lyme Regis: a fragment from her poems) 

‘My memories from Azogires are strong, and forever imprited within my body. A profound experience that continues to feed my soul and propel me on my spiritual journey.’ 

(Jenni, New Zealand.) 

Travelling through this ... landscape (of Tibet) I felt how much I’ve learned from your gifts, there in Crete. Mountains aren’t the same any more, and the feminine power of Tibet struck me more than ever - perhaps I’m more aware now? I want to express my gratification to you, for you’ve let me share your truth and showed me the feminine face of god/nature/universe. 

(Martine, tour leader in Tibet.) 

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