Inscape Writing Holiday in Crete

Writing a way home
May 20-25th 2008

Writing can be a way of being consciously here in this world, exploring our place - or home - in it in all sorts of ways. Good writing conveys a strong sense of place as locality and environment, but will also place the writer in relationship to her world.

Writing a way home will be a chance to share a creative journey with a small group of women in one of the places where I live and write and feel at home.
I invite you to share it with me for a week, as we share our love of writing and our sense of place.

We can use all aspects of the varied and beautiful, though rapidly ‘developing,’ environment to stimulate our writing: the ancient and the modern, the elemental and the cultural, the beautiful and the brash. All can be mirrors of the wider and the inner worlds. As writers we weave lifelines between them, finding patterns of meaning that make whole. We will visit some powerful places and use some movement and meditations, including walking a Cretan labyrinth, , to deepen our awareness.

There will be about 4-5 hours of workshop and tutorial time each day. We will share examples of writing by others to feed and inspire our creativity, as well as writing, re-writing, and giving and receiving feedback.

The focus will be on poetry and the use of living language. Participants wanting to write stories or biography will be encouraged to enliven their language with imagery and develop an ear for rhythm and voice in their writing. The group will be between 5 and 8 participants to allow space and feedback for each individual.

The course will run from Wed am until Sunday evening, giving a free day at the end. There will be a welcome dinner on Tues. eve. Sessions will take place on the terrace, in the garden and sometimes at other locations such as seaside tavernas and ancient sites. Mostly they will be in the morning, with one daytrip. Afternoons mostly for the beach/walks/ or resting/writing. Sometimes we will meet before dinner to share work or have individual tutorials.
There may be the chance to do some 5Rhythms dancing with me during the week, probably on one taught evening at a venue nearby.

May is usually a lovely time in Crete, with the late spring flowers and first of the summer fruits, warm enough to swim without being too hot for walking.

Nitty Gritty

Participants will live in local accommodation either in the village of Aspro (1km from sea) or at the seaside within easy walking distance.

Administration and course fee: £210
(to include welcome dinner and two communal lunches.)
Accommodation: at cost: approx E20-30 pn (depending on type required and number. sharing apartment etc) I will let you know the options more precisely when the season starts at Easter. I will book the rooms and you will pay for them directly in Euros. Share of hire car for maybe two days: about E20 (depends on nos)
Entrance to museums: maybe E10.
Food: eating out in the area is good value but not dirt cheap. Varied vegetarian dishes are widely available. Estimate evening meal with a drink E10-15
Cappucinos can be overpriced! (But the locations are great!) Accommodation will have at least basic cooking facilities and there are local shops. If you are on a special diet, let me know and I will advise if there’s anything you need to bring with you.
For breakfast and lunch you can either eat out or DIY/picnic.
I make that between E300 and E450 plus your course fee plus flights and airport transfer (taxi about E60 return –sharing or lifts should be possible, or we could extend car hire-we’ll work out the best and cheapest way when we have numbers and flight times!) You should be able to get a return flight to Hania in May under £200, but the flight situation is changing every season. Flights are from Manchester and Gatwick to Hania on Tuesdays. Flights to Heraklion are on different days from more airports and sometimes cheaper. Heraklion is 3hrs by bus or 2+ by car.
I’ll put more travel advice on my website shortly.

To Apply:

Please write to me a little about yourself and your writing in applying for this course.

Send with £100 deposit to me
Cora Greenhill,
Tel 44(0)1433 630759
email me at :

Deposits become non-returnable 2 weeks before the course, unless your place can be re-sold. Booking early! Then everyone can book their flights and look forward to the course!

Brief biog:

My relationship with Crete began more than 20 years ago when I set off on a pilgrimage with a pamphlet called The Sacred Isle by Susan Evasdaughter in one hand and my 9 year old son’s in the other. After several more visits, I brought together my passion for 5Rhythms dancing with my passion for Crete with its ancient history of shamanic dancing priestesses, by starting to run dance and pilgrimage holidays in Crete. Meanwhile, much of my own writing was inspired by Crete, including a huge and unwieldy novel which I am currently enjoying re-writing as a narrative poem. In late 2005, Ian and I became the rather bemused owners of a lovely house here with a huge overgrown garden/orchard. This is the first course to happen here at To Korali, the start of yet another phase of my deep journeying with this unique country. I have published poetry and articles widely in magazines and literary journals, and have three poetry collections: see my website.

For more about me, my writing, and archives on previous Inscape holidays, go to my website and archives on previous Inscape holidays and more archives.

For more about the house and village of Aspro, go to
If you would like to combine your writing holiday with a tour of some of Crete’s sacred sites, see below.

Tailor made tours/pilgrimages to sacred Minoan sites

Because I now have a base in Crete, I can offer ‘customised’ tours to those who would like to visit the Minoan temples, sacred shrines and caves on the island in a small group. You may have your own group already, or want to join one. Let me know when and for how long and any special desires and I can offer itineraries and book accommodation etc. at an inclusive price (given enough notice!)

Talks and slide shows on the shamanic priestess culture of Minoan Crete can be included.



email me at :

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