Inscape holidays 2008


Writing a way home Inscape Writing Holiday in Crete -May 20-25th 2008.


Writing can be a way of being consciously here in this world, exploring our place - or home - in it in all sorts of ways. Good writing conveys a strong sense of place as locality and environment, but will also place the writer in relationship to her world.

Writing a way home will be a chance to share a creative journey with a small group of women in one of the places where I live and write and feel at home.
I invite you to share it with me for a week, as we share our love of writing and our sense of place.

We can use all aspects of the varied and beautiful, though rapidly ‘developing,’ environment to stimulate our writing: the ancient and the modern, the elemental and the cultural, the beautiful and the brash. All can be mirrors of the wider and the inner worlds. As writers we weave lifelines between them, finding patterns of meaning that make whole. We will visit some powerful places and use some movement and meditations, including walking a Cretan labyrinth, to deepen our awareness.

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For more about the house and village of Aspro, go to
If you would like to combine your writing holiday with a tour of some of Crete’s sacred sites, see below.



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